Composters in high demand after recycling workshops

Published on February 5, 2019 by

Swaccha Graha Kalika Kendra in HSR Layout has shot up the demand for composting units in the city with companies getting bulk orders every week.


The demand for composting units both at community and individual level have gone up recently.

Swaccha Graha Kalika Kendra, a composting learning school at HSR Layout 4th Block, has created a demand for Composting technology after its recent composting workshops.

Prasanna Kumar, from GreenOn composters, said, “We have already sold six units after being part of this initiative and now we have received a bulk order for 12 more. We have received many inquiries as well, after the recent workshop”.

The school hosts 13 community based and eight home-based waste composting solutions.

This composting school, Bangalore’s first, is opened in collaboration with private waste management companies like StoneSoup, Daily Dump, and GreenOn.

The community composters cost in the range of Rs.1 lakh to Rs.3 lakh, depending on the size and model. The home-based solutions are made out of reusable plastic containers easily available at everybody’s home.

Chitra Praneeth, a member of HSR Citizen Forum, said, “We have been having many visitors coming from the apartment associations on a daily basis. We have had workshops for students as well who wanted to research on waste management”.

The workshops have inspired many communities and individuals to take up the initiative to install composters.

She added, “there been visitors from the North East who had come over to find out how they could implement the same in their states.”

Smitha Kulkarni, from StoneSoup, said, “the school has helped us a lot as we have been able to demonstrate to people how our composters work, which has improved sales. Learning this, in general, is good for the public to keep our environment clean”.

Swaccha Graha Kalika Kendra is planning to host workshops on composting and the use of compost, every last Sunday of the month.

Shabrish Raj, a visitor who attended the workshop, said, “The workshops conducted here are a great way of learning about the composting methods. With Bangalore’s waste management conditions, there should be more schools set up in the city.”


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