Delay in White topping of major roads in the city

Published on January 22, 2020 by

The white topping on the 60 feet road connecting from Magadi road to Vijaynagar, Majestic,
Okalipuram is halted but the tender is released to the contractors in the year 2019, which is
creating inconvenience to the commuters.

Commuters are requesting for the clearance of the debris on the road as it is creating
congestion during peak hours.

Naveen K, commuter says, “it has been a year since white topping on the left side of the road was
completed, but the right side of the road remains incomplete. It is creating traffic congestion
on the road in peak hours. The footpath has also been removed so we are forced to walk on the
service roads.”

The Contractor says that delay is due to the park widening and narrowing of the footpath.
White Topping of the road will resume once BBMP completes its work. BBMP norms state
that a contractor should commence work within four months of the tender being sanctioned
400 crores were sanctioned for the complete white topping from Magadi road to Vijaynagar in
the year 2018.

Raghav CN, Engineer in charge BBMP, says “Tender for the renovation of the park was
sanctioned after white topping had started so the white topping on this stretch has been
pending. It will be completed in the next 6 months.”

Arun Kumar, Project head, APEX builders say, “White topping is actually harmful under the
aspects of environmental consciousness, so there was a stay at some places for a certain
amount of time, so the work may be delayed in this stretch. Now reinforcement of the stretch
should be started from beginning because the first layer topping has already been a year old.”
Commuters request BBMP for road clearance and to take necessary action against the
contractor for the delay in the white topping.


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