Government schools fail to provide basic facilities and teachers

Published on November 20, 2019 by

Most of the government schools in Maski Taluk lack proper infrastructure, uniform toilets, Table and chairs. The teachers also remain absent for most of the week.

Mr. Gaurav Venkatesh, advisor to Karnataka Education Board said, “We give funds to the district school management team to gives us timely project sketch of the government buildings. But they don’t give it on time. So how can we release the fund? Also, we shift teachers to those schools where there is more strength of students.”

Every year the government provides funds for the school infrastructure and basic facilities. But, the school authority says they have not received proper funds and are trying to do their best efforts to give proper facilities and education to the children.

Venkat Pillai, a student at Karnataka Public School said, “We have to sit on the floor & have to go for either open defecation or public toilets because there are no toilets. The studies are not proper. Teachers do not come regularly. Our syllabus is lagging behind.”

While the schools wait for the construction of toilets and basic facilities. The primary and secondary education minister says there is a shortage of funds.

Dr. Nirmala, an Educationist said, “Proper coordination between the state and the district authorities can be a solution.”

The Improper management and absence of teachers are affecting student’s future since the past many years; the government needs to provide funds as soon as possible.

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