Increase in Girls Drop Out Rates

Published on November 20, 2019 by

Girls in rural Karnataka’s Murkigguda village don’t continue their education after class 10.

Muskaan Agarwal

Bangalore, 19th November,2019

ropout rates of girls in Murkigguda village after class 10 and undergraduate level reach up to 12.98% according to Karnataka Higher Education council. Girls don’t continue their studies as parents don’t have enough money and they are pushing into helping with household chores which results in irregular attendance in the school. Parents of murkigudda don’t feel safe to send their girls to schools as there is a lack of vehicles.

Radhika, drop out students of the village says, “Girls cannot go schools as it is too far. They have to get up early to catch the bus. Even parents don’t feel safe to send their girls out. Even marriage is done very early for this reason.”  Whereas the other girl Ashwini who dropped out after class 10 says, “Parents don’t want to spend so much money on their children. And they make them married soon so that they stay safe at their husbands’ house”.

Schools in rural Karnataka, Murkigudda should be more approachable for girls and should deliver a better quality of education. It should also ensure proper training of teachers and sensitized to gender concerns. There should also be curricular to enable girls to challenge gender stereotypes and become more assertive.

Whereas Dr. Rajkumar Khatri, Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Higher Education says, “We are working in this sector, I will especially ask my department to look into this matter. You will surely see positive changes next year”.

The Education specialist says educational awareness must be created specially among parents, about how girls can add up as financial support to the family. The public areas must be safe enough so that parents feel safe to send their girls out and even girls feel safe to study and work outside”.

According to the expert government should come up with a lot of campaigns to create awareness and there should be free education up to the secondary level.

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