Lack of Transport Causing Chaos on Road

Published on February 27, 2020 by

People in Maski are facing inconvenience due to a lack of transportation for a long time.

There has been a shortage of buses due to which people have to walk for miles in the scorching heat for many years
The Zila Parishad says that an increase in the number of autos has caused the dip in buses. Ambrish, Jila Parishad said, “We have buses 3 times morning, evening & night. Yes, there is a decline in bus transportation. So, is here this inconvenience. People here have bought more autos and thus there is a dip in bus transportation.”
KSRTC has been operating three buses in a day from Maraladini via digganayakanabhavi, Benaknak, and Maraladinitanda for which the road was sanctioned under the cost of Rs. 3.65 crore
The villagers have often complained that neither the bus nor the autos are available
to them all day.
Hussain Sahab, a villager, and the teacher said, “The buses visit only twice in a day. Maski is 25-30 km far & it is hard to travel. Students get late and have to walk for miles due to the unavailability of transportation. Even we teachers get late & there is no facility for us here.”
These villages are a hub for crimes like Chain-snatching, loot & theft. Maski police report that 1 or 2 incident of chain snatching is reported every week. People walking on roads have a constant fear of being attacked. It is also hard for pregnant & aged women to travel.

As per the villagers they have to travel in bulk via tractors at times of emergency.
The expert, Dr. Mala Subhramaniyam, advisor to traffic says that proper management by the government can be a solution
“Government can allot proper funds. Panchayat should make sure that the buses and autos reach every village every now & then.”
The sarpanch said that lack of coordination is the issue that has caused this problem but they are doing their best efforts to provide connectivity in every part.

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